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Our climate goals

MURPARK takes responsibility for people, the region and the environment – today and for future generations.

Climate goals are clearly defined in the corporate DNA of the operator of SES Spar European Shopping Centers. SES has formally adopted a detailed energy policy and decided to use individual concepts for its centres that incorporate every aspect of green building. The company is implementing these plans together with the leading local, national and international partners. Many of the SES shopping centres already earned awards for sustainability years ago.

In this context, MURPARK has an ongoing emphasis on increasing energy efficiency, proactive climate protection, alternative energy sources and sustainable mobility. SES Spar European Shopping Centers has specific targets in these fields that it will fulfil by 2050 at the latest. MURPARK is voluntarily implementing resource-saving and energy efficiency measures that go beyond the required standards.

The roof of MURPARK is home to a photovoltaic array that generates an average of 150,000 kWh of electricity per year. This electricity is used for general purposes such as ventilation and lighting in the shopping centre, which also reduces operating costs. Other parts of the roof are managed as a green roof, and trees have been planted in outdoor areas.

88% less CO₂ emissions

100% green electricity

46% reduction of externally purchased energy

Photovoltaic panels on available roof areas

An important step for better quality of life and the climate!

Tree sponsoring

The environmental programme ÖKOPROFIT has set a goal of planting 1000 trees in the next few years. MURPARK supports this project and has sponsored a total of three trees. On the banks of the Petersbach, the stream that flows past the shopping centre, a flowering ash and a hornbeam have already been planted. In the autumn the third tree, a whitebeam, will follow. In the coming years these will be joined by about 130 other new trees.

“No flowers, no bees. No bees, no life.” – Beat Jan

Meadow flowers on the roundabout

Our new flower meadow is already buzzing loudly. With it, we want to protect biodiversity and play our part for sustainability. In cooperation with Garten Edler, we sowed a meadow of mixed flowering plants for the bees. The mixture includes saxifrage, day lilies, echinacea, grape hyacinths, globe thistles and many more varieties of flowers. With this combination we want to ensure that the meadow is a home for insects all year round.


Photovoltaic power – using solar energy and saving CO2

In 2018 a photovoltaic array, with an average energy output of 150,000 kWh per year, was installed. This means MURPARK has its own environmentally friendly power, which it uses for general purposes such as ventilation and lighting in the shopping centre. This also reduces the operating costs.


 TÜV Austria-certified energy management system

In 2019, SES Spar European Shopping Centers introduced an energy management system in line with EN ISO 50001:2018, and now this system has been successfully recertified by TÜV Austria. At the same time, we were able to extend the energy management system to all SES shopping centres in Slovenia and Italy so that we now have TÜV Austria certification for all three countries.

Mobility: getting to MURPARK

MURPARK is known for being easy and convenient to get to.

It is especially easy to arrive by environmentally friendly means of travel. We have fantastic connections to public transport, direct access to the cycling route network and modern facilities for electric vehicles.

Our shoppers like this: around 38% of our customers come to MURPARK by public transport, on foot, or by bike or scooter.


by bicycle

by tram

by bus

by local rail/S-Bahn

by electric car

Our own tram stop

Tram line 4 brings you directly from the centre of Graz to MURPARK, where it stops right in the middle of the centre.


Many bus routes

The following buses stop in front of the shopping centre: Graz buses 64, 64E, 72, 74, 74E, 75, 75U, N4 (night bus), Watzke 431, 441, 521, ÖBB Postbus AG 500, X31 and the Flixbus Graz–Vienna.

Sustainable mobility

10 charging stations for e-vehicles – 100% green power!

Going shopping with your electric vehicle is another environmentally friendly option. At MURPARK you can buy power at 10 charging stations (plug type 2)

4 charging stations are in the underground parking deck UG area A (blue) 6 charging stations are in the underground parking deck UG area B (blue) Maximum charging power 11 kW


Best by bike

MURPARK is easy to reach by bicycle from all directions. It is the only shopping centre in the area that provides an indoor bike garage with over 250 spaces. There is plenty of room for larger bicycles and trailers. You can lock your bike securely to the hoop-type stands and the garage is monitored by CCTV. For small repairs, there is a self-service box with tools and compressed air. The garage also contains charging points for e-bikes. Additional parking in outdoor areas brings the total bike parking at MURPARK up to 400 bicycles. Finally, if cyclists are caught out by the rain, they can pick up a waterproof poncho from the customer service desk.

S-Bahn train station

MURPARK is also the only shopping centre in the region with its own train station. The ÖBB S-Bahn lines S3 and S31 stop at the station “Graz Liebenau – MURPARK”, right next to the mall.

Our mobility services


Public transport
MURPARK Graz is served by buses, trams and local trains (S-Bahn).
Self-service bicycle repair station
The bicycle service station is in the bike garage.
S-Bahn train station
The S-Bahn lines S3 Graz–Fehring and S31 Graz–Weiz stop at MURPARK Graz 60 times a day.
Free rain ponchos
If you have come to MURPARK by bicycle and get caught out by the rain? No problem – pick up a free rain poncho from our customer service desk!
Digital public transport timetable
Digital real-time public transport displays in MURPARK Graz: for buses, trams and trains.
Charging stations for e-bikes
The charging points for e-bikes are in the bike garage.
Bicycle parking
Parking for more than 400 bicycles (250 of them in the bike garage)
City of Graz bus routes: 64, 64E, 72, 74, 74E, 75, 75U, N4 – Watzke: 431, 441, 521 – ÖBB Postbus AG: 500, X31
Tram terminus Liebenau (Liebenau/MURPARK – Innenstadt – Reininghaus)
Charging stations for e-cars
The (pay-per-use) charging stations for electric cars are in the underground level of the indoor garage.
Pedestrian & cycling path
MURPARK is accessible on foot and by bicycle. The walking and cycling paths leading to the centre have a wheelchair- and stroller-friendly asphalt surface.
All the public areas in MURPARK are fully accessible.
The S-Bahn lines S3 Graz–Fehring and S31 Graz–Weiz stop at MURPARK Graz 60 times a day.
Latest news

Christmas lights

Last year, like all the SES shopping centres, MURPARK switched on its Christmas lights in mid-November. The energy-saving LED lighting used just 0.1% of the total energy consumption in the mall. And to compensate, we implemented other energy-saving measures. In many areas it was possible to replace fluorescent lights by LEDs. And in 2022, the outdoor Christmas lights were switched on for 2 hours less each day.

Latest news

Toy bring & buy sale for kids

MURPARK holds an annual market for second-hand toys. More than 100 children sell their old toys that are still in good condition. In this way lots of used toys find a new life! Bring and buy sales help to reduce waste and so combine ecological and economic benefits.

Energy management – with a system

MURPARK has been operating with an ISO-certified energy management system since 2019, and the system was recertified in 2022. This means that MURPARK analyses the energy consumption on an ongoing basis and takes steps to save energy and improve energy efficiency.


Optimized air conditioning

Resource and energy efficient

Energy-efficient ventilation systems are the state of the art, and sustainable. Since 2018, MURPARK has converted to using air conditioning systems that respond to the number of people in the building. This has enabled us to save 30,000 kWh of energy per year.

LED lighting

Energy-saving lighting

Saving energy means protecting the climate. MURPARK has been implementing a series of measures in this regard, and one of them is the step-by-step conversion to LED lighting. The conversion of the lighting in the four glass towers is complete and saves about 23,000 kWh per year, and the LED lights in the car parking areas save about 500,000 kWh per year. Further conversions in the mall and the facades are planned.

Responsive ventilation

Cheap air

Less talk and more action! A practical example of climate-friendly mall operation is a ventilation system that responds to the number of people in the building. The system we use was developed by SES and controls the air quality in MURPARK exactly as needed. This saves around 2.9 million kWh of electricity per year.

Power generation

Clean energy and protecting the environment are things we care about. Every SES shopping centre is unique and we work with the conditions and opportunities that each location offers. At MURPARK we are able to generate renewable energy with a solar plant. This provides 150,000 kWh for use in the centre. The rest of the power that we buy in is 100% green electricity.

People & society

Help where help is needed! We take responsibility for the society we live in through unforgettable events or a variety of charitable initiatives.

Popular in the region

Sustainable corporate culture at SES

What we do for people

Our employees are our most important success factor. We create jobs in the region and are a platform for local traders. As local retailers we bring people the most important everyday products and services.

Certifications & awards

Certified energy management in accordance with ISO 50.001
Recertified in 2019 and 2022
ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards 2013 – Commendation “Established Centres” 2013
“Most cycling-friendly shopping centre”, ARGUS Steiermark
2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014
MAPIC Retail Future Project Award

Responsibility in action:

Sustainable corporate culture at SES

At SES Spar European Shopping Centers, we think economically, ecologically and socially – and one step ahead. And this means we have committed to a clear energy efficiency policy.
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